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Don’t Miss Any of the Action

Get in and to your Seat Early

With 21,000 fans getting in to Trafalgar Park, through just 3 gates, here are some easy tips to follow to ensure you don’t miss the Haka and Kick-off:

Download the List of What You Can & Can’t Bring In the Park

Download the Park Layout Map

1. Leave early for the park – Gates open at 5.30pm. Don’t delay up town and expect you can arrive at 7pm and get in easily.

2. Go to the Gate designated on you ticket – If you go to another Gate you will have quite a trek to get to your seat, wasting yourself valuable time

3. Travel light – there will be security checks for very bag. If possible, come with your warm clothes and ticket only. There will be designated aisles for Tickets Only.

4. Don’t bring in commercially bought food and drink – Families may bring pre-packed home-made snacks for their children. All bottles will emptied at the Gates. There are many Food & Beverage outlets.

5. Enjoy the pre-match build-up – there’s a lot to observe as kick-off approaches

- 6.15pm – Teams Arrive / Inspect the Pitch
- 6.45pm – Both Teams warm up
- 7.20pm – Match day ball delivered by helicopter
- 7.30pm – National Anthems / Haka
- 7.35pm – Kick Off

6. Download the attached Park Layout Map so you know the location of all facilities nearest your Stand