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Tasman Women Awards

Winners are Grinners

Following an historic first win in the Farah Palmer Cup, 24 – 12 over Hawkes Bay, the Tasman Women held their inaugural Season Awards. Recipients were Jess Foster, Rosie Buchanan – Brown, Hannah Gillespie & Wairakau Greig.

Mako Women end debut season with first win
Hawkes Bay match day photos by Shuttersport

(l-r) Jess Foster, Rosie Buchanan – Brown, Hannah Gillespie, Wai Greig

Team Woman of the Year

For outstanding qualities in all aspects of the Mako off field culture and environment. This award is for the team player who does the hard graft, the extra miles and the unheralded deeds off the field. Voted on by all the team, the winner is second-rower Hannah Gillespie.

Rookie of the Year

In a team of Farah Palmer Cup “rookies”, the young Mako who has stood out as an exciting new player, and who performed outstandingly well at halfback is Rosie Buchanan – Brown.

Iron Woman of the Year

Awarded to the best overall defensive player. The qualities looked for by the coaches, management and fellow players are most tackles made, percentage of tackles effectively made, the number of dominate tackles made and effectiveness at the breakdown. The team's Iron Woman is fearless centre, Wairakau “Wai” Greig.

Mako Woman of the Year

This most prestigious award goes to the player who has proven to be our team’s most valuable player throughout the year. This award is voted on by the team and management. There is no more deserving recipient than team captain and number 8, Jess Foster. She has been an inspiration on and off the field.

Congratulations to all the players and team management  - coach Marty O'Cain, assistant coach Mark Kelly, manager Gary Allsop and assistant manager Nanette Buchanan - Brown - involved in this campaign, and especially to our inaugural Awards winners.

Our thanks to the TRU Sponsors behind the team, especially Golden Edge, NBS, Johnston Associates and Thompson Property Group.