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Todd Blackadder

Asst. Coach:

Bevan Cadwallader


John Caldwell

Asst. Manager:

Brett Thornalley

The on field performance of Tasman were in contrast to the off field turbulence surrounding them. The characteristics Todd Blackadder showed as a player and captain – that of calm controlled management – were evident in his performance as Tasman’s coach. Off field the hastily married parents of Tasman were planning divorce and the bank was threatening foreclosure on the mortgage of the house, yet the Tasman team continued to play to the top of their ability thanks to the environment created by Blackadder. Sadly it will be commercial reality that determines the direction of Tasman rugby rather than the enthusiasm and ability they have shown on the field.

Tasman had its first challenge for the Ranfurly Shield against Wellington, and the 20-26 final score is indicative of how competitive Tasman had been. Tasman also produced its first All Black in Ben Franks – rather than existing All Blacks transferring in.

Robbie Malneek continues as an enterprising fullback and finished the season as the leading try scorer. Blair Cook was a speedy winger with an eye for the opportunity. Former New Zealand Sevens exponent Afeleke Pelenise finished the season strongly. Michael Pehi made some good contributions from the bench. Eyes were always going to be on Kade Poki who, since the previous season, had spent a campaign with the Crusaders, and been a valuable member of the champion New Zealand Under 20 team. Previously a winger he played centre this year where he was always heavily marked. Andrew Goodman at second five-eight was captain and occasional goal kicker who controlled his troops to good effect. Miah Nikora formally of Wellington and Taranaki directed play well and finished the season with a record number of points for Tasman. Kahn Fortuali’i at halfback continues to perform well in a high profile position.

Tasman has a treasure in Mark Bright. Jonathan Poff had his most productive season yet. Jack Lam was a newcomer who never looked out of place at this level of rugby. Will Crutchley from Hawke’s Bay joined Alex Ainley as the preferred locking pair who delivered all that could be asked of them. Promising Ben Franks played his way into the Alll Blacks. Ben May is also a talented prop, but the frequency of indiscretions may hinder his progress. Tristan Moran was a reliable performer who made the most of his opportunities from the bench. Daniel Perrin continued on from where he had left off the previous season – his performances continue to improve. They had to because hot on his heels was the highly promising Quentin MacDonald, from the champion New Zealand Under 20 team.

Ben Franks captained in the absence of Andrew Goodman.

Tasman Makos 2008 Air New Zealand Cup draw.

  Home Game 
1 Makos VS Bay of Plenty
Blenheim 31 July, 2008 L 7 - 8
(Try: Mark Bright; Con: Miah Nikora)
Makos VS Waikato
8 Aug, 2008 W 16 - 14  
(Try: Joel Iggo; Con, Pen (2) & DG: Miah Nikora) v Waikato 14 (Try: Harding; Pen (3): Bruce)
Makos VS Taranaki
17 Aug, 2008 W 33 - 23
(Tries: Stephen Sasagi, Robbie Malneek, Joel Iggo; Con (3) & Pen (4): Miah Nikora)
Makos VS Hawke's Bay
Blenheim 23 Aug, 2008 L 6 - 41  
(Pen: Miah Nikora, Andrew Goodman)
Makos VS Canterbury
Christchurch 31 Aug, 2008 L 15 - 42
(Tries: Robbie Malneek, Kahn Fortuali’i; Con & Pen: Miah Nikora)
Makos VS Northland
Whangarei 06 Sep, 2008 L 31 - 10
(Tries: Blair Cook (2), Ben May, Kahn Fortuali’i; Con (4) & Pen: Miah Nikora) 
Makos VS Otago Nelson
13 Sep, 2008 D 21 - 21
(Tries: Robbie Malneek, Daniel Hyatt; Con & Pen (3): Miah Nikora)
Makos VS Southland
Blenheim 19 Sep, 2008 L 3 - 6
(Try:Alfeleki Pelenise; Con: James Foote)
Makos VS Wellington
27 Sep, 2008 L 20 - 26
(Tries: Kahn Fortuali’i, James Marshall; Con: Andrew Goodman, James Marshall; Pen: Miah Nikora (2))
10 Makos VS Manawatu
Palmerston North 04 Oct, 2008 L 36 - 7
(Tries: Alfeleki Pelenise (2), Blair Cook, Miah Nikora, Robbie Malneek, Kade Poki; Con: Andrew Goodman (3))
Quarter Final
11 Makos VS Canterbury
Christchurch 10 Oct, 2008 L 10 - 48
(Try: Alfeleki Pelenise; Con & Pen: Miah Nikora)

Played 11 I Won 4 I Drew 1 I Lost 6 I Points for 198 I Points Against 248








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Alfeleki Pelenise






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The History

2019 Mitre 10 Cup

After just 14 seasons, the Tasman Mako have reached the pinnacle of New Zealand provincial rugby. The Premiership final victory must rank as the finest day for rugby at the top of the South Island since Marlborough stunned the nation with the 1973 Ranfurly Shield upset of Canterbury.

2019 Farah Palmer Cup

Tasman won two games and are gradually gaining experience in the Farah Palmer Cup competition. Again, the team was led by Jessica Foster-Lawrence and again she was the outstanding forward. Leah Miles, aged 17, is a highly promising flanker

2020 Farah Palmer Cup

The change in competition format to north-south pools meant further issues for Mako, a union still in its infancy in establishing a competitive Farah Palmer Cup squad. This resulted in heavy losses to the well-established teams.

2020 Mitre 10 Cup

The Tasman Mako recorded back-to-back Premiership triumphs — the first province, other than Canterbury, to repeat since Auckland in 2002–03.

2018 Mitre 10 Cup

After finishing the round robin in second place, with their best ever record of nine wins and just one defeat, Tasman’s season ended with a disappointing home defeat to Canterbury in the Premiership semi-final

2018 Farah Palmer Cup

The 65-12 win over Taranaki in the first game was to be the only cause for celebration in 2018, the Mako being well beaten in the other five games. The union lost Rosie Buchanan-Brown to Otago but gained former Manawatu representatives Crystal Mayes and Hayley Hutana

2017 Mitre 10 Cup

For the third time in the last four years, Tasman went all the way to the Premiership Final to indicate a successful season, but it was one of mixed effort.

2017 Farah Palmer Cup

Tasman was a welcome addition to a steadily expanding competition. The debutants produced a very encouraging result in the opening game, against Waikato, then took a hammering from Otago in the second round. The win in the final game, against Hawke’s Bay, would have installed confidence in the team

2016 Mitre 10 Cup

For the second time in three years the Tasman Makos went all the way to the Premiership Final, losing to Canterbury in a gallant effort. There were two defeats in the opening four matches, but after that the side hit form, remaining unbeaten until the Final.

2015 ITM Cup

Hopes of going 1 better than "Cup runners-up" were high. Things started well with 6 wins, but this was followed up by 3 defeats - the last round win over the Naki meant a semi-finals trip to Auckland & they were the "in form" team. All up another good year for the MIGHTY Makos.

2014 ITM CUP

Your Mighty Makos have had a stellar first season in the ITM Cup Premiership. We are proud to host a Semi-Final in our first year playing the Big City Unions. Make home ground advantage count tonight .. let’s have LOTS OF NOISE in support of your MIGHTY TASMAN MAKOS!

2013 ITM CUP

Culminating with winning the ITM Cup Championship Final, 2013 was the most remarkable season in the Tasman Makos eight years since inception. Team and personal bests have been broken at every turn.

2011 ITM CUP

Two wins might seem poor return for the season – but it depends on you point of view. Those two wins were against the eventual Championship winner Hawke’s Bay and Auckland. No other team scored as many as the five tries that Tasman did against eventual Premiership winner Canterbury.

2012 ITM CUP

Beginning the season with a victory over their Crusaders stable mate Canterbury, recording one of the highest scores in an unsuccessful Ranfurly Shield challenge, then another couple of quick wins and here was the making of a good season.

2010 ITM CUP

Until the last game of the season Tasman had provided staunch competition to all opponents. Gone to greener pastures were some of last year’s better performers including captain Andrew Goodman.


Six victories from the first ten matches was a promising start, but results fell away over the last three matches of the competition. Sadly there was always the suspicion that no matter how well Tasman played there was always the threat of relegation at season’s end.


That Tasman scored less and conceded more in the latter part of the season was not an indication of lack of progress but rather it was how the draw had treated them. Name players had come and gone, but in truth the strength of Tasman was in its local players.


Tasman Union was formed from the amalgation of Nelson Bays and Malborough unions with the specific intention of meeting the criteria for the new premier division of New Zealand rugby.